Vitalparameter Herzschlag Atmung Radar
5G Mobilkommunikation Antennen IOT
Automatisierung Industrie 5.0 Roboter
Einbrecher Gebäudeschutz Überwachung
Contactless Vital Parameter Sensing

Reliable and contacless measurement of heart rate and respiration rate for various application scenarios.

Hochfrequenz-Kommunikation (5G)
High Frequency Communication (5G)

Simulation and measurement of RF signal propagation for the broadband data exchange in the networks of the future.

Sensing for Industral Applications

Highly accurate and reliable measurement of process-relevant quantities to improve quality and increase efficiency.

Detection and Surveillance

Invisible detection of persons and objects - in all weather conditions and in the dark.

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Your partner for innovative RF solutions

How we support you

As a spin-off of the Institute for Electronics Engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, we offer you know-how in the field of RF technology. We stand by your side for your project and support you with consulting, training and the development of RF systems. Since we always focus on your application and thus on the necessary complete system from antenna to firmware, we will find the most suitable RF solutions and components for you.

Our portfolio. You decide how far we will go!
Our portfolio. You decide how far we will go!
Our portfolio. You decide how far we will go!


In your projects we are at your side with our know-how in wireless high-frequency sensor technology and design of high-frequency systems. For this purpose we develop customized concepts and solutions based on the current state of the art.


According to your requirements we develop single components and complete systems in the field of high-frequency sensor technology and communication. In doing so, we always consider the complete system from the circuit board to the user interface.


By simulations with the most modern software we have the possibility to evaluate your existing systems and to improve individual components. Using high-quality measurement technology, we characterize your systems and used materials in practice.


Dedicated measurement equipment helps us to characterize systems and material samples. Moreover, channel and propagation models can be created and evaluated based on measurements. Accurate measurement protocols, processing and graphic presentation of the data are always included.

 High Frequency Technology

We use modern high-frequency technology for our system solutions. This offers numerous advantages over the classical methods, from which your application benefits.

Team and References

We access a broad knowledge in the field of high-frequency system technology. You will benefit from our experience with the latest state of the art.