What we stand for

An increasing number of sensor and communication technologies rely on high-frequency systems for non-contact measurements or data transmission via radio. We are convinced that there are still countless applications in which high-frequency technology or high-frequency sensor technology offers a significant improvement on the current state of the art. Sykno was born from the idea of making this know-how available to all companies, from medium-sized companies to public limited companies, and is derived from the Greek word “Sychn√≥tita”, which means frequency in English.

We offer fast and uncomplicated ways of cooperation and look forward to exciting projects in consulting, development, simulation and testing in the field of high-frequency technology. At the Institute for Electronics Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Erlangen, one of the 15 most innovative universities in the world, cooperation in design of high frequency systems started, which eventually led to Sykno. We are always driven by our enthusiasm for new possibilities and the sheer infinite number of practical applications.

The beginning of all science is the astonishment that things are the way they are.
Philosopher and natural scientist