Contactless vital sign sensing - ViRa24

Syknos vision is to offer all companies the possibility to integrate state-of-the-art radar systems into their own sensor systems or to use them as a standalone system. Especially for the evaluation of radar technology for data acquisition of vital signs, previous commercial radar systems are often not suitable or provide insufficient data quality.

ViRa24 is the radar system developed for highly accurate measurement of
vital signs, which include pulse, respiration and heart sounds. The
latter in particular are of high medical relevance, as their detection
allows a very accurate measurement of the inter-beat-intervals (time between two adjacent heartbeats). Based on these, conclusions about stress levels or pathological conditions of the autonomous nervous system can be drawn.

The system was designed in such a way that it can be easily
connected to an edge computing device (Nvidia Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi,
Google Coral…). This allows AI algorithms to be implemented and
tested directly on the corresponding computing unit on the system. The
extremely high-quality data are the result of years of research and
development work.


ViRa24 is unparalleled and unique in its features:

  • Designed for convenient communication with edge computing devices
  • Plug-and-play USB data interface and software package
  • Highly accurate non-contact detection of vital signs including medically highly relevant heart sounds from up to 1 m distance
  • Radar technology proven in clinical studies
  • Synchronous references can be connected (up to 4 analog inputs and a jack plug for e.g. a 2- or 3-channel ECG)
  • RoHs conformity, CE marking and conformity with the relevant radio regulations
    ViRa24 product image

    ViRa24 with Nvidia Jetson Nano

    The system is delivered with a graphical user interface with open source code for evaluation. This comprises the following features:

    •     Real-time visualization
      • of the radar raw data
      • of the unprocessed displacement data
      • of respiration and pulse motion
      • of the heart sounds
      • of the signal spectrum
      • analog reference sensors
    • Adjustable filters and amplification
    • Logging of all raw data
    • Automatic offset compensation

    Oder status: Available – Contact us for a quote!

    Contact us for application-specitic modifications and requests. For defined scenarios, we offer optimized systems with integrated AI software. We are looking forward to your interest and your message.

    This system is explicitly not a medical device. It may also not be used for medical analysis and data evaluation.