The 4G (LTE) and 5G mobile network expansion in Germany promises to improve network coverage and increase data rates. However, it must be ensured that electromagnetic exposure complies with the legal limits are with at all times. In this context, the attenuation of roofs below mobile communications base stations is of particular importance. To quantify this […]

Did you already know that high frequency sensor systems and especially contactless and invisible low-power radar technology are capable of the following? Monitoring of the driver’s condition in vehicles (truck, train, plane, taxi) Anonymous monitoring of the stress […]

The expansion in the mobile communications sector is progressing steadily. Many metrological challenges are associated with the approval procedures for new cell sites and operation frequencies. The primary objective of is to comply with the legally specified emissions. In order to nevertheless ensure excellent network coverage, the propagation characteristics in the vicinity of the cell and the structural attenuation values of the site must be precisely [...]

Due to the decreasing costs and size of radio frequency (RF) components, radar systems have become very attractive for several applications in many different fields. Moreover, combining high resolution, low power consumption and operation in harsh environments makes them outperform conventional sensors. In this article, a radar system is presented that is developed with the low power and ultra broadband [...]

Radar systems not only allow the measurement of speeds and distances, but can also be used for the contactless measurement of various parameters of the target. These include, for example, the layer thickness of workpieces and foils, but also the continuous monitoring of vibrations of machines in operation. This allows deviations from normal operation to be detected at an early stage to avoid outages and damages. […]

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An increasing number of sensor and communication technologies rely on high-frequency systems for non-contact measurements or data transmission via radio. We are convinced that there are still countless applications in which high-frequency technology or high-frequency sensor technology offers a significant improvement on the current state of the art. Sykno was born from the idea of making […]